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    Technology Support

    Code Review

    Testing & Debugging

    Infrastructure Support

Infrastructure Support & Monitoring

Infrastructure Support is needed when you have inhouse Software Applications being used by Business Users who need to focus on their work rather than be disturbed about application downtime. InfoCRAFT can support the application maintenance in your premises with a Support agreement that ensure your business users can focus on your business and remain productive.

Code Review Services

Very similar to construction of a building structure from its foundation, software development also needs a design before start of development. When the question is of adherence to design, it is critical that software applications are developed in line with the application design. Seldom, an application is developed with a design being followed.
InfoCRAFT, have been in the business of development of Business Software Applications since last 20 years. While We can write business applications on the design that has been laid out, we also understand the best practices that need be followed for development of software applications, especially business software. We can review the code written by your developer to identify if any shortcomings exist in the code that can lead to functional issues in future.

Our Scope for Code Review includes

  Development Environment
  Design Practices
  Programming Practices
  Library Declaration
  Variable and Scope Initialization
  Logging Practices
  Infrastructure Assessment

Testing & Debugging

“Software is a bug free” is be a pseudonym that is easily misunderstood to be meaning “no bugs exist in software” whereas it means “no bugs identified so far, remain in the software”. It means that all the bugs identified so far have been fixed.

More often, especially considering insufficient testing, when a bug is identified during business hours, it may cost business, time and effort to carry on with business operations with the issue identified. You may not even have enough capability to troubleshoot and identify what may be going wrong. This is where InfoCRAFT can help. We specialize in various technologies like

A. Programming Languages like Java, PHP, Android, iOS
B. Software Design
C. Design Performance
D. Load related Issues
E. Database related Query response times