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    Open Source Solutions
    Open Source Solutions can help your save cost.


We use thousands of open source
projects to build scalable and reliable


We have released millions of lines of
code under open source licenses for
others to use.


We believe that a healthy ecosystem is
important for the sustainability of open
source for all.


At Infocraft, we have always used open source to innovate. We want to give something back; we enjoy being a part of the community. We often release code to push the industry forward or share best practices we developed. But sometimes, it's just fun and interesting code. The list of projects we released and contribute to is long and continues to grow.

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Community is Important

Infocraft understands that to be a apart of the open source community, we need to give back. Through initiatives like GSoC and GCI as well financial support, we aim to keep the ecosystem strong.

How We Do It

In the spirit of openness, we are sharing the internal documentation that help Googlers use, patch, and release open source software.

Open Source Solutions

Operating System

Linux (Various Distributions)

Web Server


Web Browser

Firefox (Mozilla)

Email Server

Collaboration Suites (Horde)

Office Suite

Open Office (Oracle)


MySql (Oracle)

Application Server

Glassfish (Oracle)

Dev. Environment

Netbeans IDE